MLB Youth Academy

Major League Baseball’s first Youth Academy was founded in 2006 in Compton, California, and exemplifies MLB’s commitment to urban communities through cost-free, year-round programs.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Youth Academy aims to set the standard for baseball and softball instruction, to teach and educate in urban America, and to enhance the quality of life in the surrounding communities.

The Compton location is one of several Youth Academy’s across the country. Other locations include: Cincinnati, Houston, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C.


Major League Baseball has set out four facets to the Urban Youth Initiative:

  • Grow the games of baseball and softball while cultivating diversity in all aspects of the game
  • Make meaningful contributions to the development of urban communities
  • Provide safe and organized recreational activities for urban youth
  • Prepare urban high school players for college and professional baseball and softball programs

Our coaching staff consists of highly experienced baseball and softball personnel, including several former professional players. We specialize in fundamental instruction by way of open workouts. Our workouts give members practical and theoretical training in the fundamentals of the game, while our educational component aids students in the classroom. We believe that skills learned in baseball and softball can be applied beyond the field, helping to shape a better community. Academy members have the opportunity to attend free educational, tutoring, and counseling sessions with our staff.

As players progress in their development, we are committed to providing them chances to perform for collegiate coaches and professional scouts in the hopes of facilitating advanced playing opportunities.

The tremendous support system within Major League Baseball extends to a plethora of professional opportunities including broadcasting, scorekeeping, field maintenance, umpiring, front office operations, and athletic training. YA programs prepare America’s youth to pursue careers in these areas through classes, workshops, seminars, camps, and other training sessions.

More information about the Youth Academy can be found at this link:

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